I. Safety & Health at Work

Act XCIII/1993 on safety and health issues at work regulates the personal, organizational and physical conditions required for a safe and harmless workplace to ensure the safety of workers, protect their working capacity and improve the working conditions to avoid accidents at work and occupational illnesses.

II. Fire Safety

Act XXXI/1996 on protection against fire, technical rescue and fire-fighting authority regulates the roles and responsibilities of natural or legal persons or entities in terms of fire protection, fire fighting and support of technical rescue.

Part of the course is the company specific Fire Alarm Plan, which contains the emergency information of your workplace.

III. Workplace Risk Assessment

Basic Hungarian Safety Standard required risk assessment for each workplace, where the existing hazards on safety and health issues are listed and considered. As a result, appropriate preventive actions are taken to reduce these hazards. This module considers office environment, identifies and evaluates office related risks.

IV. First Aid

The Act of Safety & Health at Work specifies also the personal, physical and organizational conditions of first aid at workplace. This module contains the basic rules and knowledge.

There is also a possibility to take a course in ADVANCED level.

V. Ergonomics

Since 1999, a ministerial order regulates the hours spent with computers at a workplace. In addition to the minimum requirements set by the regulation mentioned above, the module discusses all major areas of ergonomics at workplace.

VI. Office Safety

Nowadays, we recognize a huge increase of office related jobs and new office buildings with the highest technical characteristics. Most people consider office work as a safe job. However, statistics do not support this assumption. Moreover, the present regulations do not focus enough on this topic. The aim of the module is to fill in this gap.

VII. Hotel Safety

In our dynamic world, traveling has become part of the business. It might occur that one should stay overnight in a hotel away from her or his home. This module helps to get familiar with the most important safety rules in such cases.

VIII. Food Safety

These days, the importance of food safety is on the increase. Furthermore, a greater emphasis is put on hygienic regulations in the interest of health care. The Food Safety Module provides aid and useful advice for the understanding of the above mentioned regulations.